Bringing Down the House

Every gaming system has them, and you’ve probably used them before!  We’re talking about House Rules.  Did you know in Monopoly, you’re not supposed to collect the income and property tax money in the middle of the board for landing on Free Parking? That’s a very common house rule not covered in the official rulebook.… Continue reading Bringing Down the House

Lazy New Years Catharsis, and Why I Don’t Take Grav.

Building lists is relaxing to me – I can lay on the couch while my daughter and wife nap and plink away on my iPhone or iPad and theorycraft in my head all the imaginary battles that exist there.  Typically, I’ll just plot out my existing force of models and fiddle with wargear options and… Continue reading Lazy New Years Catharsis, and Why I Don’t Take Grav.

Playing the Villain: The 177th Stygian Cataphracts

I find a strong balance of both good and evil forces integral to motivating my own hobby drive and “forging” my own narrative, as it were.  Having opposing forces fuels my imagination in building my forces, as I can play out possible scenarios in my head to get a feel for the style of armies… Continue reading Playing the Villain: The 177th Stygian Cataphracts

Kill Team: A Great Experience

Let me start by saying I’ve been playing all iterations of Games Workshop games since the 90’s.  And as you can guess from the title, this isn’t a bitter post of a disgruntled veteran. I saw Warhammer Fantasy grow and become bloated and epic and amazing all at the same time, and witness its ultimate… Continue reading Kill Team: A Great Experience